This course, itself, invites you on a healing journey.

While this course does deepen the knowledge base, and bridges the gap between spirituality and science, for the established practitioner, this course also provides a journey of insight, personal growth, empowerment, and healing for anyone who is on their own personal journey. The course, itself, takes you on this healing journey.

Through this course, you will learn how psychological theory and interventions, science-based and trauma-informed approaches, and spirituality meet. You will obtain knowledge and insight, and the tools necessary to facilitate your healing journey, as well as assist others with theirs.

This is the first course of it’s kind, to combine and make an in-depth connection between psychological theory, science-based and trauma-informed approaches, and ancient spiritual philosophy and understanding. This course is not just knowledge based, but experiential. You will be healing while you learn to heal others. You should join because of this course’s innovative depth of understanding.

The hope is for you to gain the knowledge and insight to learn from this course, to be able to do the work on your own. This in not only important, but vital for the self-empowerment process. There are, however, nuances in the psycho-spiritual, mind-body, healing journey. There are teachings to be learned, to help facilitate the healing process, and this course offers this knowledge. Knowledge has been passed down through teachers for thousands of years, and this course contains such knowledge.

The community that has helped create this course, and those learning from it, are a group of innovators, thought-leaders, healers, and also souls being healed. The course assists those ready to break free from the old paradigm, to connect as new community, bring healing to existing communities, as we transition to a new paradigm.

Live sessions consist of an in-depth exploration and learning of each of the course modules. Each module, connected to a particular energy center, psychological theory, and trauma-informed understanding, is explored. Live discussions allow for questions to be answered and knowledge to be processed on a deeper level. The healing process continues.

Time expected to be committed is dependent on each individual. Psychological, mind-body, and trauma-informed work, is a “spiritual sadhana”, that is spiritual practice. This course if both mind-body and experiential, however, the insights learned and experiences gained will only be as deep and profound as one’s own continued spiritual practices ongoing. Engaging in community afterward can assist in supporting one’s “sadhana”.

The practices address mind-body learning. They build insight through new knowledge and understanding, but are also experiential. The practices allow one to connect to their own healing process, through understanding but also mind-body connection. This is a connection that is experiential and once made lasts forever. What is learned cannot be unlearned. What is connected to, cannot be disconnected from.

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