This course, itself, invites you on a healing journey.

While this course does deepen the knowledge base, and bridges the gap between spirituality and science, for the established practitioner, this course also provides a journey of insight, personal growth, empowerment, and healing for anyone who is on their own personal journey. The course, itself, takes you on this healing journey.

The Work

Awareness is key. With an understanding of the Spiritual Awakening Process, our fears can subside. Psychodynamic Therapy assists in developing awareness, as well as assisting our Spiritual Awakening Process cleanse us of that which is no longer necessary to hold on to. Psychodynamically, we explore conditioned patterns that are affecting us in our present reality,…

Spiritual Awakening Crisis/Healing Crisis/Kundalini Syndrome

The term that has been used to identify symptoms associated with Spiritual Awakening. As the body is evolving, cleansing itself of old unnecessary baggage, the body will experience this purge – psychologically, emotionally, and physically. These symptoms can be very scary without some understanding of what is occurring (Please see Symptoms Page). The more resistance…

Kundalini Awakening

A dynamic in spiritual awakening. The body is now on auto-pilot. When Kundalini awakens, it is as if our soul has REALLY turned up the volume, whether we like it or not, and we will have to listen! It is a psychodynamic process, MAGNIFIED in intensity, cleansing us of our traumas. The soul wants us…

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening is the soul within our body, our true self, breaking free from all conditioned patterns that are no longer serving us in a positive manner and are keeping us from reaching our highest potential. Spiritual awakening guides us to ask: who am I really? Underneath all the outside influences, the judgements and traumas,…

Psychodynamic Therapy (Shadow Work)

The exploration of our psychological and emotional patterns, inter-generational trauma and belief systems, that are affecting us either positively or negatively and are the result of years of conditioning – most often first learned from our primary attachment figures – mother and father (or anyone representing these figures). The goal is to develop an awareness…

Sword of Truth

The sword of truth has two cutting edges. The truth hurts, but it shall also set you free.

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